SYL Tokenomics

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the SYL and its ecosystem, identification of the value creation’s levers of the token.

SYL model design


The SYL was designed to allow


Within the ecosystem a fixed/stable parity will be put in place. The services will have a stable price in SYL (independent of the market price) and a price in FIAT. In this specific case, the fundamental value of the asset will increase with the multiplication of many services offered within the ecosystem.

For example

A developer offers a user data protection’s service within a dating app. This service costs 10 SYL or 1 EUR. The user can then decide to spend the SYL on his wallet or pay in FIAT.

If he decides to pay in FIAT, it will cost him more. In this case, the developer will be paid more than the price in SYL for his service.


Gradually lead the user to accumulate SYLs in his wallet, to use them and thereby to increase the liquidity of the asset.


Underlying technology

A decentralized identity will be deployed on a DLT. Distributed apps as well as different extensions will be part of the services offered within the SYL ecosystem.

Application of the theory of quantitative currency to SYL

In this scenario, the fundamental value of the SYL’s market cap will be $ 9,166,440 and thus the fundamental value of a SYL will be $ 0.0013. To this fundamental value must therefore be added the speculative value of the token to obtain the final price of the asset.


Above all the SYL token will be a means of exchanging, purchasing services and executing Smart Contracts within the SYL ecosystem. The value of the asset will therefore depend on the number of services and their cost, the number of assets in circulation, the velocity within the ecosystem and the supply/demand in the speculative market..

It should be noted that even if XSL Labs disappears, the ecosystem will continue to develop autonomously and to operate perpetually, powered by the players of the network. This is possible because of the decentralization characteristic of the network, and its lack of need of a central and unique decision-maker. Through this "Tokenomics", we can understand that all the players in the ecosystem will have an impact on the asset’s price through their various services.

Take part in the adventure

To help with the development and the access to the different services that will be offered subsequently, participate in the adventure by obtaining the SYL utility token.