The Internet of Trust

Your data belongs to you

Caution : the ICO ended on March 14th. There is no more tokens available to purchase. No company and/or organisation, XSL Labs team member and/or outsider is able to sell you SYLs. Beware of messages offering the purchase of SYLs on social media or any other type of support. Official XSL Labs channels of communication and contact can be found through this link: XSL Labs declines all responsability for the purchase and/or sale of SYLs after March 14th, 2021. Please report to XSL Labs' support any attempted sales, scams or fraud that you may encounter.


From 2021

XSL Labs is committed to deploy a new tool that will allow digital identity to be tamper-proof and decentralized. Through an ecosystem offering alternative services and its interoperability, Secure Digital Identity will integrate perfectly with all the solutions of an increasingly connected Web 3.0.


The ecosystem

XSL Labs will offer a decentralized identifier called SDI, a distributed dApp store called SYL Library, and an dApp allowing the interoperability between the ecosystem’s services called ONE. They will work as a single tool to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable.

  • Pulsar

    Pulsar will be the distributed ledger that serves as the bedrock for the decentralized identifier and the entire ecosystem of dApps and dApp extensions.

  • SDI

    SDI will be a set of encrypted personal data that only the user can read. It will be used in the SYL ecosystem and will be interoperable with other web 3.0 systems.

  • SYL Library

    SYL Library will be a dApps and dApp extensions’ store. It will ensure the quality of the services and that they comply with the GDPR. All of the services offered on SYL Library will use the SDI as a guarantee of trust.

  • One

    ONE will be a distributed app that will enable the management of the SDI, the management of the SYL wallet, the integration of services from the ecosystem and the control of interactions with other users.