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XSL Labs

XSL Labs is the name of the organization that will ensure the development of the SYL ecosystem. XSL Labs will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020.

A major regulatory update will take effect soon in the digital asset market. We realized that we had to take into account future regulations so that our organization remains sustainable over time.

The SYL token

The SYL token is practical in nature. This means that it is necessary for the functioning of the services deployed on its ecosystem and that its use is intended for this purpose. The SYL does not give the right to a participation in the profits that will be generated by the different players, nor to the payment of dividends, nor to the acquisition of shares in all companies or others. By acquiring SYL, each buyer has tokens that can be used within the SYL ecosystem. This asset can be used through the transaction network but also in the execution of Smart Contracts on the network. The SYL will be used in all ecosystem services.

SYLs will be distributed to participants after the ICO closing date. You will then be free to trade them on a trading platform as soon as they are listed or over-the-counter.

Yes, the total supply is 10 billion SYL at most.

No more SYLs can be issued, the consensus protocol will not allow it.

The listing of SYL will be done strategically and optimally depending on market conditions. Our goal is a listing in the second quarter of 2021.

The sale

The minimum amount is $ 100.

It is necessary to create an account via the login tab or by clicking on "Get my SYL". Then the process is explained step-by-step. It is important to note that from now on a KYC will be required for the acquisition of assets.

When you have purchased SYLs, they will be credited to your account. The balance of your acquisitions is displayed in your user space and your SYLs will be available at the end of the ICO.

Absolutely not. The price of SYL is correlated, as an indication, with that of the dollar throughout the acquisition period. If we take for example Bitcoin (BTC) as a reference value; regardless of the price of Bitcoin tomorrow, the price of a SYL will have an indicative fixed dollar amount. The SYL is not exposed to volatility throughout the ICO phase, its only variations in value are due to the different phases of the sale.

The total number of digital assets is unknown, but already several thousand of them have failed or will disappear. We took the time to analyse the big picture and found that 95% of crypto projects offer already existing solutions.

XSL Labs leaves room for innovation by addressing the largest market in the world : DATA.

We will have innovative services that will solve the problems that the majority of companies and individuals encounter in everyday life.
Ecosystem’s solutions are aimed at businesses, but not only; many individuals will use them on a daily basis without realising it.
The SYL ecosystem will be dynamic and its qualities will legitimately direct the liquidity of its asset towards the levels it must reach.


XSL Labs has a vision over several years in terms of adoption, evolution of the ecosystem and the considered branches of development according to the economic factors studied as well as the evolution of the organism.

We have the ability to adapt and to be flexible, which ultimately allows us to consider other developments within the SYL ecosystem.

No, quite the contrary. XSL Labs is taking root in the DLT industry, but its fertilizer and the space for its evolution are mainly located within all companies looking for innovative technological solutions. Individuals will also be able to improve their Internet experience.

It is essential to start with Pulsar and the S.D.I., all other elements cannot be developed without a solid foundation. SYL Library and ONE will be the first distributed apps to be used within the SYL ecosystem.

Cortex will be developed by Sylare, who is one of the players in the ecosystem. XSL Labs will not be in charge of the development of this decentralized app extension because its business model will not correspond to the legal status of the organization. But thanks to the interoperability of ONE, an external entity like Sylare will be able to develop this product and connect it to the SYL ecosystem. A whole range of different companies will also join ONE.

One and SYL Library will be free services. Most ecosystem services will have different business models, depending on the different needs of the ecosystem.

One is the centerpiece of the ecosystem. It is the core app allowing all products to function. This core app will make possible not to replicate certain identical processes between different products, but will also to ensure the implementation of a secure data environment. Symbolically speaking, One can be represented as the operating system of a computer or phone, a system without which no application could function on its own unless each of them develops a complete environment.

Marketing environment

Partnerships are an integral part of our adoption goal, with a sprawl approach. On the one hand, there will be natural partnerships with actors who will develop services on the SYL ecosystem and, on the other hand, voluntary partnerships that will help the ecosystem to grow in a sustainable way.

We are not aiming for artificial partnerships that aim to insert logos on our site, so each partnership will have a significant impact on the evolution of the ecosystem.

Large companies will use the services offered in order to reduce their costs, improve their own services and make full use of them in innovative technologies.

A KYC has been put in place to continue the ICO within a legal framework and to be AML compliant. This KYC is carried out by an organization recognized by large groups such as Changelly or Uber.
Nous vous invitons à le passer rapidement afin de pouvoir bénéficier de certains avantages en SYL. We invite you to pass it promptly in order to benefit from certain advantages in SYL.

After validating your KYC, you will get a bonus of 1 syloshi per SYL held / per hour on your wallet. This bonus varies depending on the SYLs held in your wallet./ par heure sur votre portefeuille. Ce bonus varie en fonction des SYL détenus sur votre portefeuille.

Advertising and marketing have both proven their strength on the Internet.

This issue has been taken very seriously within our team from the early days of the development of XSL Labs. The best communication tools are going to be put in place with some form of aggressive marketing

One of its tools is already public, and that is affiliation.

By using the human factor and the personal and professional’s network of each individual wishing to join the program, the expansion of the ecosystem and associated services will be significant. A big part of our efforts and sacrifices will be made on promoting the ecosystem.


The decentralization of Pulsar will be exponential in view of the multitude of projects and therefore of nodes that will be deployed on the network.

Pulsar will use a variation of the DPoS consensus mechanism.

Divers questions

In the fully digital age, data is both at the center of concerns in terms of transition for companies or in terms of data confidentiality for users.

Data is more precious than oil today, no less than 7 billion fields exist on earth, and its geysers of data are all of us.

XSL Labs will exploit the data in many ways both to gather it ethically and to facilitate its management in different forms within many industries.

Data is a huge industry weighing billions of billions every year. We are entering this market to gradually evolve our points of absorption and management.

Yes, you can send your application to this address : job@xsl-labs.io
We will keep you informed of our vacancies.

XSL Labs will require a development team as well as a dedicated high performance infrastructure in order to quickly reach its full potential. Like any project, funds are necessary in order to achieve the objectives set, with professionals’ involved full time.

Since 2018, a large part of contributors to XSL Labs, which have produced a colossal work, have volunteered.

Now we are in the second step, which is the start-up of the SYL ecosystem. The Internet of Trust is at your fingertips.

Take part in the adventure

To help with the development and the access to the different services that will be offered subsequently, participate in the adventure by obtaining the SYL utility token.